Fast Castle Caves

Almost 10 years later I return to this spot, it was a site where I abseiled and shore dived around when I was younger and invincible! The dive was great but the return climb up was a little interesting. Getting to edge involved 4x4ing through the field and then hiking all the gear down the hill. This time (slightly older and wiser….one of them is more correct than the other..) the return was by boat and with calm conditions this was much easier for exploration. Swimming in through the kelp lined gully there was surge even on a flat calm day with the water bashing against the rocks at the mount of the cave. A quick slip off with the fins and on dry-ish land we carefully made our way into the cave. At low tide the exposed rocks were worn smooth and the further into the cave we got the cuts in the rock became deeper – real ankle twisters. The rock was also covered in a brown algae which made it dangerously slippy and a fall could have easily broken bones.. Pushing on approx 100m the cave started to rise on a boulder slope, avoiding the dead seal pelt the cave ended in a squeeze which was constricted with debris such as boulders, driftwood, fish boxes, car wheels, plastic containers etc.

There looked to be a passage and wanting to get in here for 10 years wasn’t going to thwart me now. Stevie Adams my fellow explorer who had waited further down the cave looking for side passages was a little concerned when all he could here was the echo of the debris being ‘moved’ down the boulder slope.

Through the first part another constriction was found and a small chamber lay ahead….another 20min of digging and I managed to wriggle in, the debris pile again stopping progress. Only a few more inches and I could get a look over the top. (ever seen Star Wars when they are in the garbage pile….hmm) pushing my way in I could go no further without serious digging. The chamber went to a crack at the top and then moved into the distance perhaps another 3-4m…my torch illuminating the passage but I could see it went further – but for how far??

It would be a serious undertaking with a group of people to dig out this area with high chance of failure however the legend still stands and hash’t been proven wrong!!!! Plus there is another cave to explore!!!!

Fast Castle – the legend says that gold is buried in the ruins. Hidden away when the castle was destroyed, the gold used for raising a mercenary army against the English in the 1300-1550’s. Mry Queen of Scots and Margaret Tudor both stayed here during their journeys! The castle ruins are perched on the top of the cliffs standing defiantly against the sea. What a great place, atmosphere, history, rumours of treasure!


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